About Danceletter

Danceletter is a newsletter where I collect my thoughts about dance and send them to you every two-ish weeks. It includes links to things I’m reading, writing, and watching, and musings that haven’t found a home elsewhere. For me it’s an experiment in writing spontaneously and informally, shared with anyone who wants to follow along.

About Me

I’m Siobhan, a writer living in New York City and a dancer on indefinite hiatus (“former dancer” never feels quite right). I danced for 20 years beginning at age 8 — highlights included touring with Riverdance and working with the choreographers Jillian Sweeney, Rebecca Warner, and RoseAnne Spradlin — then shifted my focus more fully to writing and teaching. I contribute regularly to the New York Times and Dance Magazine and have written for Open Space, Artforum, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Village Voice, among other publications. I’m a graduate of Barnard College, where I’ve been an adjunct lecturer since 2013 and helped to organize a contingent faculty union. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter and over at my website.